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What is a Pet Friendly Rug?

As pet owners and pet lovers, we know how important it is to make sure our homes are safe for our pets. In addition, we also know the importance of making sure our home's decor is safe from our pets -- a.k.a not easily damaged, should any accidental spills or stains take place.

As a homeowner it can be difficult to find products that work with your decor as well ones that can withstand use from your cats or dogs. Many times pet owners choose to buy products that are less expensive, because the chances of them having to replace the products soon are great.

This is where we step in. We have carefully curated a brand dedicated to area rugs that are decor-friendly, wallet-friendly, and, most importantly, pet-friendly. It's a win, win, win across the board.

A Pet Friendly Rug, is a stain-resistant area rug designed to withstand everyday use from your pets, as well as any "accidents" they may leave behind. 

Because Pet Friendly Rugs are easy to clean, any pet accidents such as urine, feces or even vomit, are no longer something to stress over. These rugs can be cleaned at home with safe, over-the-counter cleaning products, or taken to a professional rug cleaning facility. So not only are the chemicals that are used to clean the rugs, safe for your pets, but these rugs will not fade or break down. Handmade rugs, such as those made of silk, are easily damaged and/or permanently stained by pet deposits or heavy foot traffic.

On the other hand, our rugs are made of strong fibers that will not permanently stain, breakdown or carry a dreadful odor. Instead, with a simple and proper cleaning, Pet Friendly Rugs will look, and smell, like new again.

We know as pet owners it can be tough to know what rug is appropriate for your home, that's why we have created Pet Friendly Rugs, where only rugs that have passed our thorough test, make the cut.

Spoil yourself, as well as your pet, with a Pet Friendly Rug.



There are several options to consider when shopping for a pet-friendly rug, so that's why we've eliminated the guess work and created a website full of area rugs that are designed to withstand use, and accidents, from your pets! Click here to shop!