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We've worked to provide you with a collection of area rugs that are durable, functional and stylish. The synthetic fibers of our rugs keep stains from penetrating beneath the rug's surface. Should your furry friend have an accident, your rug will not be permanently stained, as our rugs clean up easily. Just follow our rug care instructions, and your rug will come out looking, and smelling, like it did before the accident! Plus, we offer a wide range of colors and patterns so that while you are making your home pet-friendly, it can still remain style-friendly!

Pawsitive Reviews

Not only does our new Pet Friendly Rug match our kitchen perfectly, but the dogs LOVE it! Our dogs never showed any interest in being in the kitchen before, and now we can't seem to get them out of the way! It's comfy on the feet/paws, and protects against any accidents (both animal and human). Perfect rug for the kitchen as spilling is inevitable. It cleans up easily, and well, and I couldn't be more pleased with my purchase. Highly recommend!

Susan K.

Couldn't be happier with my order. Exactly what I was looking for. Perfect shaggy rug for my home with three chihuahuas. Fast shipping. Excellent customer service.

Kristen G.

We have 6 dogs who frequently have accidents in the house. We were very curious as to how this rug would hold up in our home with all of the pups...There were many little potty accidents that occurred on the beautiful rug in our living room, but we never once could smell it... We followed the cleaning instructions and to our surprise the rug is in the living room and looks amazing (with absolutely no smell) and it's been 6 months since we first received the rug. We are extremely happy with this company and their products, not only because it actually works, but because the customer service is wonderful and you can truly feel that they care about you and your pets' needs.

Emily M.

I have a puppy and before I found this company, I thought I could never spend money on a rug because my dog would just destroy it. The rug arrived quickly with free shipping, and looked the same as it did in pictures. Plus, not only were the prices fair, but the quality is excellent. My dog has peed and vomitted on it quite a few times, but I follow their cleaning instructions and it cleans up perfectly every time. I am so beyond pleased with my purchase and can't wait to furnish the rest of my house. 

Nicholas P.

I have an older cat who was going through some health issues which resulted in him getting sick often. Even though I desperately needed a new rug, I was worried my cat would ruin it. Soooo happy I found Pet Friendly Rugs! Not only do they have super friendly customer service, they were knowledgeable and helped me pick the perfect rug for my home. The rug I chose is beautiful and has been able to take any accident my poor cat has thrown at it. 5 stars all the way, great job gang!! 

Sean C.