Shopping for a Pet Proof Rug

Shopping for a Pet Proof Rug

If you're shopping for a brand new area rug, it is very crucial to think about the type of wear it will take on, especially if you have pets in the home. In addition, you will want an area rug that displays the least amount of shedding from your animal, and one that will stand up to dog-chewing, cat scratching, and soiling.

Here are a few things to consider when purchasing your new pet-proof, stain-resistant area rug:

Indoor/Outdoor Rugs

Have you considered purchasing an indoor/outdoor area rug? There are a variety of indoor/outdoor options that are sturdy and strong enough to withstand outdoor-like elements, yet still attractive enough to have inside your home (especially in less formal areas such as:)

  • Family Rooms
  • Kitchens
  • Laundry Rooms
  • Kid's Room
  • Mud Room

Small-Pattern Rugs

An area rug with a small pattern will help disguise any pet staining. It’s also a good idea to select a darker patterned rug which will minimize the show of staining. Larger-patterned rugs tend to show pet-staining more as they are less "busy." The pattern tends to naturally distract the eye in a way that helps disguise any problem areas.

Low-Pile Rugs

We often suggest that you consider a low-pile rug as opposed to a fluffier rug such as a shag. Higher-pile rugs encourage pets to nest and/or dig. Pets can also get their nails caught in the higher-pile rugs. Low-pile and flat-weave rugs tend to be better alternatives.



There are several options to consider when shopping for a pet-friendly rug, so that's why we've eliminated the guess work and created a website full of area rugs that are designed to withstand use, and accidents, from your pets! Click here to shop! 

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