Pet Friendly Rug Care Tips

Pet Friendly Rug Care Tips

In order to keep your Pet Friendly Rug looking and smelling its best there are a few small tips we suggest!


1. Waterproof Rug Pad

One of the very first things we suggest is getting an appropriate area rug pad to place underneath your new Pet Friendly Rug you get. The only one we sell is the only one we recommend as we know its appropriate for a home where pets, kids, or staining is present. The rug pad we recommend is our Waterproof Rug Pad. What we love about this past is the very fact that it is waterproof! Yes -- really! This rug will protect your rug and the flooring beneath it from any pet accidents or spills. Additionally, it will keep your Pet Friendly Rug from sliding around on your floor, which often leads to premature wear. By having a pad to keep the area rug in place, you are greatly lessening the risk of your pet or you falling or slipping. You may shop our Waterproof Rug Pad here.


2. Rotate Your Rug

Secondly, we advise that you rotate your Pet Friendly Rug periodically. If not rotated often, over time traffic patterns or sunlight can cause fading or more permanent patterns in your area rug. We recommend rotating your rug every 6 months, or as needed (if the room is particularly sunny, rotating it more often certainly will not hurt!)


3. Vacuuming

Another key factor to maintaining your Pet Friendly Rug is vacuuming often. Generally speaking, vacuuming is one of the best ways to remove everyday dirt and dust. Within the first year of owning your new Pet Friendly Rug we recommend vacuuming at least two or three times a week to remove the excess fuzz that accumulates on the rug's surface. This fuzzing is perfectly normal and in no way shortens the life of the rug. It is merely the result of loose fibers developed during the weaving process. This will also help remove any hidden or visible pet hairs, and keep your rug from developing traffic patterns.

After the first year, how often you should vacuum depends on the amount of traffic the rug receives. In high-traffic areas, you may need to vacuum as often as once a week to keep dirt and allergens from building up.


Area Rug Cleaning 

When it comes to pet accidents or heavy stains, we always, always suggest sending your area rug to a reputable and professional rug cleaning facility. The reason for this being that these rug cleaning facilities have the proper equipment, knowledge and chemicals to completely remove any pet stains or odors. Often times, if the staining is heavy or has been sitting for a while, cleaning your rug yourself with an "over-the-counter" cleaning product will only set the stain further and potentially permanently stain your rug. We also do not recommend, in-home rug cleaning companies as professional wash facilities give the rug a thorough and much needed full-submersion, which an in-home rug cleaning company cannot do.


Small Stains or Accidents

When it comes to small stains or accidents, you can often get away with small at-home spot cleanings. In order to best treat the stain, you should always tend to the accident or spill immediately. This gives you the best chance at fully removed the stain and odor, as well as keeping it from setting further. Below are a few tips and techniques to keep in mind when spot cleaning your Pet Friendly Rug at home. 



Urine and Vomit (light) – Many small urine and vomit spots can be cared for at home and won’t require professional assistance. We recommend using a 50/50 mixture of cold water and white vinegar. Using the mixture, blot – don’t scrub – the area with a clean, white terry towel. Then, if possible, use a wet/dry vacuum to vacuum over the area. This can help with spot removal as well as aide in the drying of the rug. Lastly, place a fan over the treated area to help speed up the drying process.

Urine and Vomit (heavy) – Should your pet have a heavier, or extreme accident, professional cleaning is always recommended. Having your rug fully wet-washed, at a professional rug cleaning facility, is the proper, and only, way to completely remove all urine and vomit stains, as well as odors. Avoid in-home steam cleaners as this method will usually make the odor worse, and will not take care of the staining issue. A professional wet-wash means your rug will be fully submerged in water, and shampooed, allowing for the breakup of all the urine and vomit deposits. Most importantly, once broken up, all these deposits will then be washed away and completely removed from your rug. Having your rug cleaned at a professional wash facility will freshen and revitalize it, making it look, and smell, like the day you first bought it.

Feces –  For dry, hard pet droppings, a simple pick up, then clean up with a towel or terry cloth, is all that’s needed. After the droppings have been picked up, if a small trace of them is left behind, use an over-the-counter spotter and gently agitate the deposit until it is fully gone. Spray the spotter onto the targeted area, and blot – don’t scrub – the area with a clean, white terry towel until the spot is gone.

For heavier deposits, professional rug washing is recommended to properly clean and wash away all stains and/or odors.



Immediately locate the spot and use an over-the-counter spot remover. Spray the spotter directly onto the affected area, and gently blot – don’t scrub – the stain with a clean, white terry towel until the spot is gone. Then, if possible, use a wet/dry vacuum to vacuum over the area. This can help with spot removal as well as aide in the drying of the rug. Lastly, place a fan over the treated area to help speed up the drying process.

Should you have any additional questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us. We take pride in our customer service and are always happy to help!

For more information, or to shop our wide range of Pet Friendly Rugs, please visit!
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