Designing A Pet-Friendly Home

Designing A Pet-Friendly Home


Pet-friendly is a term we use to describe a space or product that is either accommodating to pets and their owners, or not harmful to your pets themselves (likely, both!). Based on those definitions, a pet-friendly home, is a home that considers the needs of pet owners, and their furry friends, as part of the overall interior design theme. What many pet owners don't know is that just because you are aiming to make your home more pet-friendly, doesn't mean you have to sacrifice style or quality. Our Pet Friendly Rugs will help you get your pet-friendly home off to a solid start, for an affordable price, and with a quality, and function that is hard to beat. 


Pet-Friendly Rugs 

When it comes to having a pet-friendly home, the best arrangement is hard surface flooring such as tile, stone or stained concrete, with a low-pile area rug on top for comfort and anti-sliding protection. If you install wall-to-wall carpet, it is highly likely your carpet will be permanently stained, and in the event of that happening, it is not easy to replace, as you will have to replace all of the carpet at once. An additional benefit to having a pet-friendly rug is that area rugs soften the echo in a room and offer a cushy surface for the sitting area. Furthermore, they also allow for thorough cleaning, since they can be moved and vacuumed on both sides to remove fur and any tracked-in dirt, while the floors can also be mopped.

"Easy to clean" is what should always come to mind when decorating your pet-friendly home. If something isn't easy to clean, then it is hard to argue that the product can be deemed "pet-friendly." This is why we have made sure that each and every rug on our site is not only easy to clean, but cleans up well. We highly recommend that you stay away from looped Berber carpets, or hooked rugs, as they catch toenails and end up unraveling.

    If you have a pet that has accidents, or a cat that leaves fur balls behind, our Pet Friendly Rugs ate terrific because they clean up so well that -- when caught early enough -- any stain or spill is completely cleanable. 

    Even if your pet is well-housebroken, we suggest our Pet Friendly Rugs because they hide fur well and will not be damaged by a vacuum.

    We suggest that you have your area rugs professionally rug cleaned at least once a year, or as needed if you have messy pets. Our Pet Friendly Rugs are designed so that when professionally cleaned, spills and stains will come right out, where as the average rug will not have this success.



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