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Best Area Rugs for Dogs

As dog owners ourselves, we know how important it is to invest in furniture and home decor that is pet-friendly, durable and easy to clean, because you just never know. It is definitely better to be safe than sorry. 

We also know the importance of finding decor that will last in a pet-loving home, but will not sacrifice style or taste.

We've worked closely with our manufacturers to provide you with a collection of area rugs that are durable, functional and stylish. The synthetic fibers of our rugs keep stains from penetrating beneath the rug's surface. Should your dog have an accident, your rug will not be permanently stained, as our rugs clean up easily. Just follow our rug care instructions, and your rug will come out looking, and smelling, like it did before the accident! Plus, we offer a wide range of colors and patterns so that while you are making your home pet and dog-friendly, it can still remain style-friendly!

"Easy to clean" is what should always come to mind when decorating your pet-friendly home. If something isn't easy to clean, then it is hard to argue that the product can be deemed "pet-friendly." This is why we have made sure that each and every rug on our site is not only easy to clean, but cleans up well. We highly recommend that you stay away from looped Berber carpets, or hooked rugs, as they catch dog toenails and end up unraveling.

Even if your pet is well-housebroken, we suggest our Pet Friendly Rugs because they hide fur well and will not be damaged by a vacuum. 

Our Pet Friendly Rugs are durable enough to be vacuumed by a standard household vacuum cleaner and can even be spot-trained or receive a full-submersion professional rug cleaning. 

We've hand-selected the best area rugs for homes with dogs. We've taken into account all of the following: pet accidents, dog nails, dog fur, home decor trends, price and durability. 

You can rest assured knowing that the only rugs we offer are Pet Friendly Rugs! This means every rug on our site will withstand use from your pups as well as busy human foot traffic. 


Above everything else, we pride ourselves on our excellent customer service. We are truly here to help! If you need any assistance picking out a Pet Friendly Rug, or have questions regarding our products, we are here to be of service. 

We will ask you things such as: What kind of pet(s) do you have? Where will the rug(s) reside? Does that area receive a lot of foot traffic? What color fur do your pets have? How old are they? Do they generally have accidents? What type of accidents? (Urine, vomit, feces, etc.)

You may contact us any time by emailing or calling us at (657) 215-2837


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