5 Awesome Things Dog Owners Need to Know About Pet Friendly Rugs

5 Awesome Things Dog Owners Need to Know About Pet Friendly Rugs

Pet Friendly Rugs are an incredible way to soften up the hardwood or tiled floor in your home. Today, our experts discuss a few of the best rugs available, some of the features that make them great choices and talk about general rug and carpet care for homes with a resident four-footer.

Dogs and Rugs: A Dangerous Pairing

It is well-known that dogs put area rugs through a lot of use, sometimes resulting in wear-and-tear or permanent staining. Some of the main ways dogs can cause harm fiber-based flooring is:

  • Dogs can track mud, dirt, grease and pretty much anything else through the home.
  • They can chew or tug at the threads, leading to an unraveled mess.
  • Their fur tends to collect on the rug, which will compromise its aesthetic appeal.
  • Dogs may pee or poop on the rug, which can lead to lingering odors and unsightly spots.
  • Dogs may vomit or cough up bile on the fabric, which can lead to discoloration and more odors.

Nonetheless, our Pet Friendly Rugs are designed to limit the severity of these problems, and there are a few additional things you can do to help out.

Things to Consider When Choosing Pet Friendly Rugs

Rug Material

Rugs are created of an assortment of fabrics, and some stand up better to pet-precipitated abuse than others do. Wool and Nylon are among the most resilient and durable choices, although polyester is also usually an incredible choice.

Wool is, however, much more expensive than polyester or nylon in most cases. Olefin is also a marginally acceptable material for pet friendly rug construction, but those often developed from rayon and silk are best avoided.

Rug Color

Dark colors are preferred in a handful of ways, as they generally will not show dirt. 

Additionally, also consider your dog’s coloring. Even if he/she isn’t a heavy shedder, they will still contribute their own fibers to the rug. If your dark has dark coloring, a light colored rug is probably not ideal as even one or two black hairs will stand out against the light colored area rug. On the other hand, a dark colored rug may not be the best fit for a white or light colored dog, as those hairs will also contrast with the dark colored rug.

Rug Pattern

Like color, the pattern of any Pet Friendly Rug you purchase can make a big difference in the way it displays dog hair. Plain, single-color area rugs will let you see each and every hair against the solid background, whereas complex, patterned Pet Friendly Rugs will help de-emphasize your dog’s hair.

Avoid Rugs with Tassels or Fringe

Even dogs that are not problem chewers often seem to be attracted to the fringe or other loose threads attached to the edges of rugs, blankets, curtains and other fabrics.

We suggest purchasing a Pet Friendly Rug without fringe or tassels to eliminate any thread-pulling or chewing, and in turn also avoid any of those threads or tassels being swallowed by your dog.

Look For Outdoor Rugs

Outdoor Pet Friendly Rugs may not always be constructed with the same level of finesse that indoor rugs are, but if you are interested in getting the most durable Pet Friendly Rug possible, we recommend indoor/outdoor styles. Furthermore, since outdoor Pet Friendly Rugs are designed to hold up to most weather conditions, they are also built to hold up to more robust cleaning tactics.

Size + Pet Friendly Rugs

The size of your Pet Friendly Rug will usually depend on the constraints of your home and budget, it is wise to consider purchasing a smaller size rug when possible, as these tend to be easier to roll up and take to the cleaners, if need be.


There are several options to consider when shopping for a pet-friendly rug, so that's why we've eliminated the guess work and created a website full of area rugs that are designed to withstand use, and accidents, from your pets! Click here to shop! 

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