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3 Tips For Creating A Pet Friendly Home

Dogs and cats are more than just pets -- they're members of the family. Making them feel at home, as well as making your home feel pet-proof is important. For example, limiting your pet to one confined space, or area isn't ideal nor fair to your pet so we are here to help make your home pet-proof! Follow our tips for creating a pet-friendly home:


1. Make Your Pet Feel At Home

In quite the same way that you have your own space to relax in, your dog needs space in your apartment to call his own. A special corner or room with a bed and toys is a great start to making your house your pet's as well, however we do not suggest limiting your pet to one or two areas. We recommend making sure your entire home or space is pet-friendly, but also providing one or two special areas where they can really feel at home (with a bed, blankets, crate, etc.) 

Forget designating your pets, children or guests to certain areas of the house, with our stylish and affordable area rugs, your entire home can be pet-friendly! 


2. Keep Your Home Clean

As many dog owners and outdoor-cat owners know, pets can be dirty as they often track in dirt and other things from outside. Keeping your home clean will make both you and your pet feel a bit more comfortable. One of the most important things to keep clean is your Pet Friendly Rug. We have designed our rugs to be easily cleaned and to clean up well. This means that while other rugs may be permanently stained by pet stains or spills, if properly cared for, our rugs will not. Additionally, while other rugs may get damaged or fade throughout the wash process, ours won't. We recommend having a good, reputable rug cleaning facility to take your rugs too, as well as a dependable vacuum cleaner. While we recommend taking your rugs to a professional for cleaning, vacuuming is an important thing you can do at home. We recommend buying a vacuum that specializes in eliminating dog hair and is gentle on area rugs. Or, if neither you nor your pet wouldn't be bothered by an automatic vacuum, we suggest buying a robot vacuum that you can set to clean the house on regular intervals.


3. Take Advantage of Outdoor Spaces

When it comes to having a pet-friendly home, we always recommend taking advantage of outdoor spaces such as patios, balconies and any surrounding outdoor areas. If the climate allows, creating a comfortable outdoor seating area is a great common ground for both you and your pets. To make the space even more inviting, we offer several outdoor Pet Friendly Rugs that will help you tie your outdoor space together without the worry of pet stains, weather or even any human spills! 


For more tips and tricks, visit or email us at Please don't ever hesitate to contact us! We take pride in our customer service and are always happy to help! 

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