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Custom Cutting (Waterproof Rug Pad)

Custom Cutting (Waterproof Rug Pad)

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We will custom cut your waterproof rug pad(s) to perfectly fit your new Pet Friendly Rug(s). A custom-cut rug pad will be a bit smaller than you area rug, in order to keep the pad from being visible, or too big for your area rug. This is an add-on fee.

In order to have your Waterproof Rug Pad custom cut, please add the most accurate size rug pad to your cart first. You should order a rug pad that is the exact size of your rug OR larger than your rug, and then we will trim it down to size. Rug Pads smaller than your rug cannot be custom-cut. You may select your size here. Next, please add this Custom Cutting (Waterproof Rug Pad) service to your cart as well. 

Once you have both the rug pad(s) and the custom cutting service(s) in your cart, you may check out. 

From there, we will contact you via email to confirm the custom sizing of your new rug pad(s). If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us! 

Note: All custom-cut Waterproof Rug Pads are final sale.